About Us

We trace our roots to Albany, Georgia, where Phillip and Elizabeth Poulos purchased Jimmie’s Hot Dogs, an institution in this southern town, and operated it successfully through the 1960s & 1970s.

Yearning for the beauty of the mountains, they retired in Western North Carolina in the early 1980s. They began to miss the business and in 1986 they opened the Hot Dog World in Hendersonville, North Carolina with the idea that their daughter, Dora, and new son-in-law, Steve Katsadouros, would soon take over the business.

Keeping the traditional fair of the hot dog stand in Georgia and implementing new items, per their customers’ request, Steve and Dora expanded the menu and the business grew abundantly.

In 1997, Dora stepped down from the business to raise their children and was replaced by Thanasi Tsakalos who brought with him 15 years of experience from managing “The Original Coney Islander” in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Hot Dog World has received many accolades through the years including Small Business of the Year, Best Hot Dogs in the State, and Best all-around Restaurant in Henderson County.

The secret to our success is simple: Take care of our staff so that together, as a team, we can provide our customers a great quality of food made fresh in front of them, outstanding service, in a clean and friendly atmosphere, and always at a great value. Our recipe for prosperity and success has endured the test time (over 32 years) and we pledge to continue “doing what we have been doing” so that we may maintain our status as a Hendersonville institution for years to come.

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